Prom and Party Etiquette – A Book Review

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PromandPartyEtiquetteProm is definitely one of those events that mark a difference in a teen’s life. It is not just any ceremony. The prom night is marked with a lot of formalities ranging from the behavior of the teens with their date to the way they dress. Your school has probably set a few rules that govern the etiquette and dress code of the prom. But in the common everyday life, breaking or bending one or two rules here or there is almost expected.

Traditionally, girls were expected to dress in cocktail dresses, and if the dress was strapless, throwing on a shawl or wrap was basically recommended. Times have however changed and teens will basically want to experiment with their dresses. This especially applies to the ladies as men are more aptly confined to the tuxedos and the suits. But how do you experiment with your prom dresses while remaining within the safe confines of prom etiquette?

Fashion experts and designers agree on one thing. Keeping a classic and formal look during prom is the way to go. In fact, the way you dress will be taken into judgment when marking your conduct during the prom. You will be well advised if you opted to keep it flashy, not trashy. The length of the dress has especially remained a bone of contention in many circles. Some schools will allow for knee length prom dresses but never for anything above the knee cut.

Apart from the regulations set by your school, there are other considerations to take into play. What will people think about your dress? Will they approve of it? If you find your teachers or parents disapproving of a dress, then it most probably has the wrong cut. More importantly however, remember that the prom dress you choose speaks volumes about your capability to dress for the occasion. This factor alone may make you want to revert to the good old prom cocktail dresses.

It is also a generally expected courtesy that your date should bring you a corsage in exchange of a boutonniere. If you think that your date might forget about the corsage, you can tactfully remind him through a phone call one or two days before the prom. Cocktail dresses will do fine with a pinned corsage while if you are wearing something low, a wrist corsage will be preferable. As a matter of principal, communicate with your date about the type and color of dress you will be wearing so that they can make an informed choice when choosing a corsage.

There are many other prom etiquette bits and pieces that many people in the adrenalin-rush for the night ahead might miss. These include little tips such as remembering to put a napkin over your immaculate prom dress when at the dining table to waiting for the door of the car to be opened for you. If you are not sure about when you should be doing what, make a checklist list and rehearse it in your mind a day or two before the prom.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

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The Alchemist by Paulo CoelhoPaulo Coelho is a world renowned Brazilian writer who was born in 1947. His works are always bestsellers because his words are as sharp as swords and as heavy and hard as the armor. Apart from being a world-class writer, he is a notable violinist and musician and is renowned for his numerous impressive awards as well. Though he had written hundreds of novels and excerpts already, his book about The Alchemist has been considered as one of the all-time favorites of millions of book lovers worldwide.

Technically, The Alchemist was first created in 1988 but due to its rising popularity and incredible lines, it was translated to at least 56 different languages worldwide. Because of this, it became the bestselling book in history and it was dubbed to win an award from the Guinness World of Record as the most translated book by a non imaginary author. Basically, there are no special effects in the plot of the story. It started when a shepherd named Santiago had a recurring dream about a gypsy that kept on telling him about the treasures in the Pyramids in Egypt. Because of this dream, which he deemed prophetic, he travelled to the location, hoping to find the treasures.

Santiago was an Andalusian born shepherd who dreams of traveling the world and going to places he’s never been to. During his travel, he met Melchizedek, a king of Salem who pushed him to sell his sheep so he could travel to Egypt. In addition to that, the king also talked to him about Your Personal Legend. He also met an Arabian woman named Fatima, who gave her an insight about following his heart in order to accomplish his goals and find what he’s looking for. She was so beautiful that he fell in love with her and even asked to marry her, but she refused. In the course of his travel, he met an alchemist, who taught him numerous teachings and quotes. With the alchemist, he was able to understand the importance of following his hearts’ desires and of giving more importance to loved ones than the worldly things on Earth. While on his travel, he was robbed and an understanding shop keeper gave him a job. The latter taught him about the importance of having dreams and in facing life. While Santiago was traveling, he then met a powerful alchemist, who has the Elixir of Life and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Santiago learned a lot during his journey as he met several types of men on his way. He also realized the Your Personal Legend means that the universe will conspire for you to achieve all your dreams. Certainly, Paulo Coelho has wisdom as deep as the ocean, and this one of the reasons that he never seems to falter out of words.

The Man from 2063: A Book Review

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In the book The Man From 2063, the reality behind the manslaughter of President John F. Kennedy endures to be in query 100 years on the trail of the fact. Novelist Jack Duffy demands the report of the U.S. government that merely one shooter was concerned and offers a melodramatic option immersed in the volatile government of the primary period of 1960s.

In the initial part of the manuscript, the reader is presented to Sean Zumwalt who is a thirty-six-year-old lawyer from Washington, DC. Sean is located in Dallas, Texas on the one and only hundredth anniversary of the murder of Head of state, John F. Kennedy. At the same time as there, Sean stopovers the site of the killing. Sean has been captivated with Kennedy’s demise for ages. He has showed research on the murder and the intriguing theories regarding the case. The great-grandfather of Sean was at the Dallas infirmary where Kennedy was conveyed upon being fired. The info his great-grandfather collected from speaking to one of the shock surgeons was the contradictory of what the administration released to the community back in 1963. By means of the progressions that have been prepared in the 100 ages ever since JFK’s passing (a treatment for paralysis and cancer), Sean is certain of that the newest improvements in time travel will permit him to retrace his steps to the period of JFK’s shooting and protect the life of the president.

The second part of this novel defines the plot that directed to John F. Kennedy’s decease in vivid element. The olden times of each member, counting Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald, is presented to display by what means all of the men concerned in the plot were connected together. The instigator of the president’s killing is portrayed as a cruel, scheming, and bright rogue CIA representative. This character and no-one else, an adept killer with inflexible political principles that are in comprehensive opposition to those seized by John F. Kennedy, creates the book worth perusing. The alternate history of the JFK slaying will inspire the booklover to make his or her own investigation, if for no other motive than to examine the theories of the author.